The Road to Hell

Rumor has it that there’s a forest of curls on the way to hell… Just dark curls, growing together in the shape of a triangle. And in this forest, there are girls in a reindeer spandex that are running around. And when you walk this way, between those curls, your head wanders in thoughts, and you ask yourself: “God, how did I get this far, and what the hell did I do in all these years?”

And the girls’ voices are echoing in the woods: “You thought with your dick. That’s what you did!”

And when you think about it, you say “Whoa, you’re right. I thought with my dick, didn’t I?”

It sounds a bit selfish, but a sexual urge is not entirely selfish. You could even say that it’s isn’t selfish at all. It would be better, really, if you were, at least, a little bit more selfish: Read some more books – for yourself. Danced, a little more – for yourself. Create – just for yourself.

But instead of that, you were only a life-supporting machine for your cock. Not much more than a tool to help him to spread his seed.

And when you think about it, since your adolescence you didn’t even think without it. It’s as if your mind was always bound in it’s blinding fog, and only came out of it, maybe only for a few moments, after an orgasm.

And if you’d give your dick a pen – he would write a poem in ten parts. About his life, that until now you accidentally mistook as your own… And he will finish it with a surprising climax. One that will leave everyone stunned, staring into the emptiness.

But in the meanwhile, as you go deeper into the woods, you notice that your breath is getting shorter. And you notice a blue-greenish lake, just in the middle of the forest. A blue-greenish lake which is flirting with you, as if trying to say: “Come! Come have me! Get inside of me!”

And the girls in the reindeer spandex are running to it, giggling, and throwing their T-shirts and bras in the air. They dive-in, spraying water all over, and call to you: “Come on in! The water is warm! And pleasant!”

At such moments you regret that your friends aren’t there with you, so they could tie you down to a tree, like Odysseus’ crewmen did to their captain.

But they aren’t here. So you just dive in after them, and as your wet head is surfacing the water, the girls are surrounding you. You notice that the water is oily and slippery. And the legs of the girls, who were until now in spandex, turned into a vibrating fishtail. They grab you with their stiff fingers, while laughing and giggling, and pull you down with them, underwater, to the bottom of the lake…

And while you sink, your cock is speaking to you, in his deep and royal voice that is booming in your head:

“You did well, my loyal servant. But now it is time for us to part our ways. Your heritage will live on, don’t worry, and your sacrifice won’t be forgotten. Trust in my power, and please remember: Aphrodite might be the goddess of love and beauty, but in the end, she’s just a piece of Zeus’ dick.”

#techsupport For Your Soul

..And now, dear client, please give a long press on the F8 key on your keyboard. This should bring you to a special mode of life, which we call “Safe Mode”. Only this way we can know for sure if the lagging and the slowness in your life comes from our infrastructure, or from your own private software.

Made of my dreams and nightmares